March 10, 2017

As I talk to people in Ottawa-Vanier, I learn about the many issues they care about and the expectations they have for me as their next representative in Parliament.

Here are my priorities on behalf of the people of Ottawa-Vanier:

  • Be a voice for the taxpayer – holding the Liberal government accountable for their risky economic plans and oppose uncontrolled spending;
  • Get funds for infrastructure moving – the Liberals are failing to get promised money out to the communities that are counting on it;
  • Promote home ownership – opposing the Liberals’ “one size fits all” mortgage rules that make home ownership out-of-reach for young Canadians;
  • Support small business – keep taxes low and opposing a job-killing carbon tax;
  • A safe and healthy community – oppose proposed legislative changes by the Liberals that make the opening of injection sites easier;
  • Support for reformed addicts – end discrimination and stigma surrounding drug addiction so that people can get back on their feet;
  • Promote Canada’s official languages – preserve our local heritage and support career advancement;
  • Support for immigrants and refugees – connect people to resources and services available at their disposal;
  • A sense of togetherness – promote dialogue and interaction between our communities.